I am not a huge fan of Lodi zinfandel as a lot of wine from that region is bulk mass produced wine. However, there are some bright spots coming out of Lodi as more and more winemakers are taking care to produce wine that will make Lodi a wine region worth noting. Carol Shelton is one of those winemakers as she makes an absolutely enthralling zinfandel. It's balanced and bright. Not at all over ripe or with that peculiar furniture cream taste that I pick up from many Lodi wines.  This really is a zinfandel that stands out from all the other Lodi zinfandel!  - Gustavo


Winemaker's notes: Zippy Bing cherry pie in a graham cracker crust, creamy Hershey’s milk chocolate and a bit of toasted marshmallow—not sweet but soft and round - balanced by juicy acidity, with a creamy caramello oak and a long cherry finish. S’mores with cherry jam!

Carol Shelton Pizazz Zin Piazza Ranch Lodi 2018

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