I'll put together 12 bottles of wine for you. All the wines are G-Rated and have been approved by me. These wines are for those who love delicious wines that overperform and who view wine as a lifestyle. 
You'll get small production, hand-crafted wines.  I stay away from the grocery store wines you see everywhere (e.g. Cupcake, La Marca, Santa Margherita, Hess) and instead choose high quality wines that over deliver and over perform. 
You can leave it up to me to pick all the wines or tell me in the comments section your preferences.  For example...
All red wines
All white wines
1/2 red 1/2 white
Some sparkling
Some Rosé
I prefer domestic 
I prefer imports
I prefer lighter style reds such as Pinot Noir
I prefer bolder reds such as Zinfandel
I prefer crisp white wines
The total for the wines will be $362.81 and with sales tax it is $400

G-Rated Wines 12pk $400